An important part of the Strawberry Point experience is enjoying nature – the wind blowing through the tall trees, the glimmer of sunlight on the lake, the beauty of the sunset, the calls of the loons at night, the star-filled sky, and so much more.  We are blessed with an incredibly beautiful piece of creation to enjoy.  SPCC’s natural beauty is an integral part of our “facilities” – moreso than any building we could possibly construct. The buildings we have built are functional, but basic.  A week at Strawberry Point is a true camping experience and the majority of time is spent outside.

Gardner Hall

Gardner Hall is the first building you see when arriving at SPCC.  This is where meals are prepared and served.  It also houses a gathering space for staff.  Behind Gardner Hall you will find an area with picnic tables, where meals are eaten.

The Multi-Purpose Building

This is definitely the largest building at camp.  It is an area where the entire population of camp can gather.  It is used for crafts, floor hockey, four-square, bible classes, a sheltered space during inclement weather, and more.

The Pavilion

A building with no walls, the pavilion provides a shaded gathering space with seating for activities such as worship, talent shows, bible classes, etc.


Most cabins accommodate 6-8 people, depending on the style of cabin.  There is a cluster of cabins in the “girls area” and a separate area on the opposite side of camp for the boys.  Counsellors stay in the cabins with the campers. All cabins are wood-construction, with doors, windows and a shingled roof.  Sturdy, built-in wooden bunk beds with ladders and railings provide the sleeping space.  Campers should bring a single-sized foam or air mattress for their comfort.  Cabins provide a basic but comfortably safe and dry place to call home for the week.


Washroom facilities appear throughout camp in small wooden buildings that contain composting toilets.  These toilets are specialized in that they require no water; however, they are a huge step-up from your basic “outhouse”.  Each privy is well-ventilated, regularly maintained and cleaned daily.  A bottle of disinfecting hand wash hangs outside each privy.

Recreational Facilities

Camp features a wide range of activity areas specifically designed for fun, including: swimming area with docks and water trampoline, canoeing area, archery range, basketball court, two tetherball courts, swings, a large field for games and sports, campfire area, and more.  Activity areas are always used under the supervision of qualified staff members.