Food at Camp





All camp food is prepared fresh daily, on-site in our kitchen.  We do not use any deep fryers and many items are made from scratch.  Our menu is designed to be balanced & healthy while pleasing even the pickiest of eaters.

Sample Breakfasts:

  • Scrambled eggs, freshly-baked muffins (oatmeal and bran-chocolate-chip), juice, milk
  • Selection of cold cereal, toast with butter or jam, juice, milk
  • French toast, juice, milk
  • Fresh-cut fruit is often also a breakfast option

Sample Lunches:

  • Grilled cheese, tomato soup, carrot sticks, juice or water, lemon squares
  • Baked potato bar: with your choice of toppings from chili, cheddar cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, juice or water, brownies
  • Chicken fingers, fresh-cut oven-baked fries, green beans, juice or water, fruit salad

Sample Dinners


  • Spaghetti & meat sauce, freshly baked bread sticks (made from scratch.. and everyone’s favourite!), peas, juice or water, apple sauce
  • Hamburgers, chips, pickles, juice or water, rice krispie squares
  • Campfire cook-out: prepare your own hot dogs and marshmallows


We ask campers to not bring any food with them to camp.  Food in cabins can and will attract unwanted critters.  Don’t worry, we eat often so you won’t go hungry and you will get your share of delicious treats!  In addition to 3 meals per day, we also serve two snacks:

  • Mid-afternoon tuck: selection of snacks (choose one from a variety of chocolate, candy, or healthy options) and drinks (choose one from a variety of pop, juice boxes, milk or water)
  • Evening snack: a homemade goody (cookie, square, etc.), fruit, water or milk

Special Requests

Our cooks make every effort to accommodate special dietary requests – make sure to indicate any allergies on your registration form so we can plan ahead. They are also happy to modify meals (i.e. no sauce) or offer a simple alternative (i.e. sandwich) for picky eaters that do not enjoy the scheduled meal – just speak up in the food line and ask the cooks or get your counselor to help!