Activities can vary from week to week, depending on the age of the campers and skills & interests of staff members.  Here are a few of the activities that you can typically expect at camp:

Canoeing & Kayaking

We have a large, sheltered, calm bay that is perfect for learning to kayak or canoe, perfecting that J-stroke, racing fellow campers, searching for a greasy watermelon, playing tag or just going for a relaxing paddle while enjoying the conversation of a friend!


Archery is a very popular activity.  Safety is the priority and all participants must follow very strict guidelines.  Campers start with the very basics and adults and counsellors help every step of the way.


You never know what you might make at camp to take home as a souvenir of your week!  From popular choices such as tie-dying to friendship bracelets to really unique and creative crafts tied to the week’s theme.


Every night, we gather around a fire and sing our hearts out!  We’ll start out with upbeat, action-packed campfire classics (& new favourites).  There are guaranteed to be some hilarious, and sometimes thought-provoking skits thrown into the mix. Towards the end of campfire, we slow down the pace down as we made the transition to bed time.  We sing both silly songs and age-appropriate Christian songs.  Campfire is 100% fun.


Not an activity you say?  We sure do it often enough. We eat the three nutritious balanced meals you’d expect. We also have “tuck” in the afternoon where campers have a choice of healthy and not-so-healthy snacks. (No need to bring any money for our tuck shop – it’s included in your camp fees!) Before campfire we’ll have a chance to have some juice and a homemade treat or fruit.  Meal times can sometimes take on a special spin: mystery utensil meals, elbows on the table meals, or other special occasions.  If you receive mail, it will be delivered to you at a meal time – but not before you do something to earn it!  Sing I’m a little teapot, maybe?

Bible Class

Each week has a special theme which will focus on a particular aspect of living our lives well and understanding a bit more about God, Jesus and the Bible.  Bible classes are age-appropriate and this is not your Grandma’s Sunday School Class!  Cool bible teachers use activities, songs, stories, raps, games, etc, to keep classes fast-paced and fun.  It’s okay if you’ve never read the Bible or gone to church… you won’t feel out of place here!

Games on the Ball Field

Most of camp is completely shaded by the tall trees all around us.  The ball field is the only spot where they’re all cleared out!  Here we have a huge field where we play all-camp activities such as capture the flag, Mr. Ed ball, or a SPCC original: Cities of Refuge! (It’s awesome.)  There’s also a baseball diamond, soccer nets, and a volleyball court.  During the day, you might play something with your team.  At night the whole camp comes together to have a blast and burn off the rest of our energy before we head to campfire!  We get competitive sometimes, but our main focus is that everyone plays and has fun.  I think the campers are undefeated in camper vs staff capture the flag!

Nature Walks

You just never know what you might spot when you take a peaceful walk through the forest.  If we’re quiet enough, we might see some deer!  We’ll definitely see signs of beavers (those campers on the left are sitting on a huge tree one knocked down!), a natural fresh water spring, huge trees (see how many campers it takes to “hug” all the way around the biggest trees!), and the Worlds Biggest Ant Hill (!??!).  Keep your eyes open for animal tracks, feathers and fur, fossils, flowers, moss, types of trees and other fascinating things we can learn about the world around us!


We have a “low ropes” course featuring many elements that challenge small groups of campers to work together towards a goal, develop a plan, communicate well, get to know each other, and step just a little bit outside of their comfort zones.  Teams have to use each others’ individual strengths and recognize the value of all team members in order to be successful.  It can also take time, patience and creativity to complete each element.  In the end, it’s incredibly satisfying to achieve a goal while learning more about yourself and growing closer to your teammates.


Our swim dock is located at the very tip of the point.  We have a fixed dock with a ladder anchored to the shore and a buoy-enclosed swimming area – perfect for even beginning swimmers.  For advanced swimmers (or anyone wearing a PFD), there is a water trampoline for you to enjoy in deeper waters.  All water activities are supervised by NLS certified lifeguards who are supported by our counsellors who participate alongside campers in the water.


There’s nothing like relaxing out on the lake and waiting for that first nibble!