Medical Care

Our number one priority at camp is the health and safety of all our campers.


There are several layers of care at camp that help with camper health:


  • Parents: The information you provide to us on your camper’s registration form allows us to be prepared and informed about your child’s needs.  Please provide as much information as possible to allow us to be preventative in our medical care.  You can also speak with the camp nurse when you drop off your camper at camp to discuss any concerns.
  • Counselors: All summer staff are first aid certified. They also spend 24 hrs day with their campers and are campers’ primary care-givers.  They enforce camp rules and policies that help prevent illness and injury. They are often the first to notice if a camper is unwell or hurt and will alert the camp nurse of any issues.  They will also bring their campers to the nurse for any regularly scheduled medication.
  • Camp Nurse: Each week we have a camp nurse on site who provides camper care 24 hrs/day as needed.  They collect, store, and administer all camper medications.  They can also provide over-the-counter medications for typical camp ailments (e.g. itchiness, headache).  The nurse will also evaluate any illness or injury to determine the best solution for care.  The most common medical issues at camp include small scrapes or cuts, bug bites, headaches, simple minor sports strains – all items that can be dealt with at camp.  Many of our camp nurses take time off from their regular nursing jobs to volunteer at camp… we thank them for their dedication to our campers!  Camp nurses were often campers themselves and come back year after year.
  • Gore Bay Medical Centre: If further care, diagnosis, or prescriptions may be required to be administered by a doctor and are non-emergent in nature, the nurse or camp director may accompany a camper to the Gore Bay Medical Centre (10-15 minute drive from camp).  Camp has a very good relationship with the doctors at the centre.
  • Mindemoya Hospital: The nearest hospital to camp (approx 30 mins by car) is Mindemoya Hospital.  For urgent but non-emergent care (e.g. x-ray), campers may be accompanied here by the camp nurse or director.
  • 911: In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, 911 would be called and the ambulance would be met in the camp parking lot.  All staff are thoroughly trained on what to do in case of emergency.


For all health issues that arise at camp that require anything more than a band-aid, a tylenol, a good night’s sleep or a hug, we make every attempt to contact parents in advance of any treatment.