Special Needs

We are committed to integrating campers with a large variety of special needs: medical, social, emotional, intellectual, developmental, behavioural, etc.  We believe in providing equal opportunity to experience camp for all children.


That being said, we are not a specialized camping environment and consideration should be taken as to whether or not our camp is a good fit for your child.  We believe we are a good fit for most children; however, our natural environment and lack of electricity could make camp especially challenging for some.


Generally, campers who can provide their own personal care (toileting, dressing, bathing), can interact cooperatively in groups, can walk moderate distances, do not require electrically-powered assistive devices, and do not require one-on-one care can attend camp independently; however, all situations are unique and should be assessed based on the individual needs of the camper.  If any of these items are a challenge – this does not mean the camper cannot attend camp.  Campers that require additional assistance to ensure they are healthy & safe at camp can attend when accompanied by a support person.  With advance preparation and good parent-camp communication, we are more than willing to be inclusive of all campers as long as we can implement proper supports to ensure camper happiness, health and safety.


If you have any questions or concerns about whether your child’s needs can be properly met in our camp setting, it’s a good idea to contact us before registering for camp.  We can chat about your specific situation to determine if camp is a good “fit”.  We want to be sure that the camp experience will be safe & positive and we want to be sure you can be confident as a parent in trusting us with the care of your child.  Early and open communication allows us to do all we can to ensure an inclusive, healthy and safe camp experience.

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Contact Amanda Lock

Camp Registrar