Packing List

Packing For Camp

1. What should I bring?


Here is a list of suggested items campers should bring:

- Bible

- Pencil & paper

- Insect repellant

- Sunscreen

- Flashlight & spare batteries

- Bedding:

- Sleeping bag & pillow

- Air or foam mattress

- Extra blanket

- Toiletries:

- Towel & washcloth

- Toothbrush & toothpaste


- Swim wear (one piece suits for girls, please)

- Warm jacket & sweater

- T-shirts

- Knee length shorts

- Long pants (jeans or sweat pants)

- Pyjamas

- Rain coat & boots

- Two pairs of closed toe


2. What should I leave at home?


Please do not bring the following items to camp with you:

-Soap & shampoo (camp will provide)

-Snacks (camp will provide)

-Tank tops, short shorts, bikinis, clothing with inappropriate logos or phrases, etc.

-Matches or lighters

-Tobacco, alcohol, & drugs



-Any electronic devices, including, but not limited to, radios, iPods/MP3 players, FRS radios (walkie talkies), cell phones.  Cameras are ok; however, disposable film cameras are encouraged over digital cameras as loss or damage are always possible.  Cell phone/iPod cameras are not permitted.


A Note in Regards to Shampoo


Soap and shampoo are provided by the camp; however, some campers (especially girls at Teen Week) like to bring their own.  Products marked as “biodegradable” are not necessarily gentle enough to be used in the lake (Herbal Essences is NOT permitted, for example).  Products must be sulfate, phosphate, and paraben free and contain no other chemicals.  Some products marked as “organic” and “all-natural” will fit the bill, but not necessarily all of them.  Read the ingredients on the label to be sure.  Some suggested brands (not all products by these brands are created equal, again, read the labels): Jason Naturals, Nature Clean, Live Clean   All shampoos must be inspected and approved by the lifeguards before they are used in the lake & their decision on the suitability of the product is final.  As you can see – it’s complicated – and this is why we advise against bringing your own, but if you must – hopefully you are now more aware of what to look for.


A Note About Snacks


Please, do not send ANY snacks with your campers.  Campers eat five times a day and will not go hungry.  This is also a matter of safety for the following reasons:

  1. Some campers have life-threatening food allergies.  You never know who will be in the cabin with your child and what their allergies may be.  Sometimes just a trace amount of an allergen is enough to trigger an attack.
  2. We are camping in the wilderness.  Critters including ants, mice, squirrels, raccoons, etc., usually leave us alone EXCEPT when there is food in cabins.

If campers have special dietary requirements or have health reasons for requiring specialized food and for that reason you wish to send items, please detail this on the registration form and hand in any food to the camp nurse upon arrival at camp.  We will safely store these items in the kitchen and make sure they are appropriately distributed to your child.